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For fast reference, here is a list of rulers and time periods from 1500:

House of Valois
1498–1515 Louis XII
1515–1547 François I
1547–1559 Henri II
1559–1560 François II
1560–1574 Charles IX
1574–1589 Henri III

House of Bourbon
1589–1610 Henri IV
1610–1643 Louis XIII
1643–1715 Louis XIV
1715–1774 Louis XV
1774–1792 Louis XVI

First republic
1792–1795 Convention (National Convention)
1795–1799 Directoire (Directors)
1799–1804 Consulat, 1st Consul: Napoléon Bonaparte

First empire
1804–1814 Napoléon I

House of Bourbon restored
1814–1815 Louis XVIII

First empire restored
1815 Napoléon I

House of Bourbon restored
1814–1824 Louis XVIII
1824–1830 Charles X

House of Orléans
1830–1848 Louis Philippe

Second republic
1848–1852 Louis Napoléon

Second empire
1852–1870 Napoléon III

1870-1871 Government of National defense

1870-1940 Third Republic

1940-1944 Vichy state and occupied France

1944-1946 Provisional government

1947-1959 Fourth republic

1959-present Fifth republic
An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Each of the lines below is linked to a thread on this board. When more coins are discussed in one thread, all illustrated coins are taken up in the index. Country names are the current ones and include predecessor states and regions. Catalogue numbers are from Les monnaies françaises royales, de Hugues Capet à Louis XVI (987-1793) by Jean Duplessy, ISBN 2951035527. Where there is -- in the column for the Dy number, the piece is not listed in Dy, but "..." means the piece was not identifiable to a single Dy number and "n.a." is a coin outside the scope of Dy. A Dy number preceded by F is from Les monnaies françaises féodales by Jean Duplessy, ISBN 2951035551. Denomination is as in Dy. Dates are as on the coin, or a date range if the date on the coin was not legible, "nd" indicates that the coin is undated. Remarks include regions. Where a question mark appears, an unanswered question remains in the thread, but it is included in the index.

Please point out errors in a PM to the indexer, Figleaf.

France867n.a.double tournoisnd (1521)Tours
France869n.a.denier tournois1541
France935n.a.denier tournois1515-1547?
France994n.a.gros de Nesle1550Paris
France997n.a.douzain1550La Rochelle
France997n.a.douzain1550La Rochelle
France1063n.a.double tournois1562--
France1033n.a.1/4 écu1580Nantes
France1033n.a.1/4 écu1583Rennes
France1136n.a.double sol parisis1587Amiens
France1177n.a.1/4 écu1596Nantes
France1224n.a.1/4 écu1603Rennes
France1256n.a.douzain1593Countermarked 1640
France127316.1double tournois1610Paris
France1333461/8 écu1610-1643Pau (Béarn)
France133849.21/4 écu1624Morlaas (Béarn)
Francen.a.--douzainnd (post 1629)Huguenot strike
France1377A--double tournois1643
France1374--double tournois1638Bordeaux
France1504--4 sol1675Vimy
France1518281.124 sols1692Dijon, réformation
France1523290.51/12 écu1695Poitiers!
France1534B--1/2 écu1701Strassbourg!
France1567337.45 sols1703Strassbourg
Francen.a.720 sols1708Siege of Lille/Rijssel
Francen.a.720 sols1708Siege of Lille/Rijssel
France1693451.31/2 sol1720Strassbourg
France16764841/2 écu1727counterstamped
France16754861 écu1728K (Bordeaux)
France1690500.132 sols1739H Toulouse and Paris
France--515.2124 sols17419 Rennes
France1690500.92 sols1742H (La Rochelle)
France1701543.5liard1774H (La Rochelle)
France1700544.81/2 sol1774N (Montpellier)
France1715586demi sol1777-91?
France1716585.6liard1791La Rochelle
French feudal etc.
LorraineBou 1514n.a.teston1508-1544
LorraineBou 1537n.a.sol1556-1557Nancy
FranceBou 2041n.a.2 deniers1570-1596Cambrai
Cambrai--n.a.4 deniers1588-1589
Cambrai--n.a.6 deniers1589
DombesF 2961n.a.douzain1595Trévoux
Lorrainen.a.--demi grosnd (1608-1624)
Lorrainen.a.--grosnd (1608-1624)
ChampagneBou 1615--double tournois1610Paris
Nevers & Rethel--1liard1613Charleville
DombesF 2995C32double tournois1639
DombesF 299632double tournois1639
DombesF 300129denier tournois1650Paris

For Luigini and Fosdinovo export coins see this thread.
An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


This part of the index is for coins not listed in Duplessy, in general, coins from 1792 to the introduction of the euro (1999) and franc-denominated pseudo-coins sold afterwards.

France--Tn262 sols1792Monneron
France--Tn315 sols1792Monneron
France--60012 deniers1793Mint?
France--600.1612 deniers1792Lille
France--6032 sols1792W. (Arras)
France--603.12 sols1792Paris
France--603.122 sols1793Montpellier
France--603.162 sols1792Lille
France--623.52 sols1793Lille
France--639.15 francs1796Paris
France--640.15 centimes1796/7Paris, l'an 5/5
France--640.45 centimes1796/5Strassbourg
France--645.11 décime1796Paris, cap
France--694.75 francs1811Limoges
France--695.120 francs1811Paris
France--700.11 décime1814Paris
France21957723½ franc1828Lille
France--749.35 francs1840Strassbourg
France--756.25 francs1849Strassbourg
France--76220 francs1851
France--771.110 centimes1852Paris
France--77110 centimes1853countermarked 57
France--771.710 centimes1853Lille, variant
France--777.75 centimes1854Lille
France--7762 centimes1856
France--7775 centimes1853
France--M245 centimes1853Lille, visite Bourse
France--77810 centimes1853-1857
France--784.410 francs1860Strassbourg
France--796.42 centimes1862Paris
France--799.15 francs1870Paris
France--81510 centimes1896
France--802.1100 francs1865Paris
France--802.1100 francs1868Paris
France11788172 francs1871Paris
France11858185 francs1870Bordeaux
France--8215 centimes1891
France--822.11 franc1872
France1187820.15 francs1873
France--8425 centimes1913
France--84310 centimes1916
France--84720 francs1905
France--85450 centimes1918
France--867b25 centimes.1939.
France--875a5 centimes.1939.
France7058761 franc1924Dirty die error
France--87810 francs1931
France--87810 francs1929
France--87920 francs1939
France--88450 centimes1924
France--88450 centimes1925
France--8851 franc1939
France--8862 francs1939
France--8875 francs1933
France--8885 francs1936
France--888b.25 francs1949
France--88910 centimes.1939.
France--894.150 centimes1939
France--898.110 centimes1941
France--89920 centimes1941
France--89920 centimes1941Damaged die
France--90020 centimes1944
France--9015 francs1941
France--9015 francs1941
France--8865 francs1941
France--902.11 franc1942
France--902.21 franc1944Castelsarassin
France--9042 francs1944
France--9052 francs1944Philadelphia
France--909.110 francs1947
France--914.150 centimes1942
France--91510 francs1955
France--915.110 francs1958
France--915.210 francs1951Beaumont-le Roger
France--916.120 francs1950Paris
France--918.150 francs1950Paris
France--919.1100 francs1956Paris
France--919.2100 francs1955Beaumont-le Roger
France--925.11 franc1966
France--925.11 franc1974
France--9281 centime1974Paris
France----2 centimes1961Paris, essai
France--9275 centimes1961Paris
France--9275 centimes1961Paris
France--9335 centimes1971Paris
France--92910 centimes1999Paris
France----50 francs1975essai de frappe
France--92910 centimes1968
France--92910 centimes1995
France--92910 centimes1995
France--93020 centimes1973
France--939.150 centimes1962
France--931.1½ franc1986
France--925.11 franc1965
France--9631 franc1988De Gaulle
France--942.12 francs1981
France--942.22 francs1986
France--9265 francs1979
France--93210 francs1967
France--94010 francs1985
France--95410 francs1984François Rude
France--95910 francs1986
France--95910 francs1986
France--964.110 francs1988
France--964.110 francs1990
France--981100 francs1990Albertville olympics
France--1008.220 francs1992Mont St. Michel
France--1008.220 francs1998Mont St. Michel
France--103620 francs1994De Coubertin
France--12901 francs2001Ultime franc
French colonies (generic)
French Colonies--11.110 centimes1825Paris
French Colonies--11.210 centimes1825La Rochelle
Monaco636895.15 centimes1837Monaco mint
Monaco637097.11 décime1838Monaco mint
Monaco6371965 francs1837Monaco mint
Monaco243599820 francs1878Paris mint
Monaco2436099100 francs1884Paris mint
Monaco24361105100 francs1901Paris mint
Monaco806711050 centimes1924
Monaco55781111 franc1924
Monaco63651122 francs1924
Monaco8051201 francnd 1943Paris mint
Monaco8051201 francnd 1943Paris mint
Monaco8041212 francsnd 1943Paris mint
Monaco8041212 francsnd 1943Paris mint
Monaco2421120a1 francnd 1945Paris mint
Monaco2421120a1 francnd 1945Paris mint
Monaco2811121a2 francsnd 1945Paris mint
Monaco18731225 francs1945Paris mint
Monaco80312310 francs1946Paris mint
Monaco222512420 francsnd 1947Paris mint
Monaco222512420 francsnd 1947Paris mint
Monaco242013010 francs1951Paris mint
Monaco188613120 francs1950Paris mint
Monaco381013250 francs1950Paris mint
Monaco4924133100 francs1950Paris mint
Monaco5132134100 francs1956Paris mint
Monaco63661551 centime1977Paris mint
Monaco63691565 centimes1979Paris mint
Monaco281414210 centimes1962Paris mint
Monaco330114320 centimes1962Paris mint
Monaco396514450 centimes1962Paris mint
Monaco3821145½  franc1977Paris mint
Monaco8061401 franc1974Paris mint
Monaco42531415 francs1960Paris mint
Monaco28121572 francs1979Paris mint
Monaco24191505 francs1974Paris mint
Monaco--E7310 francs1982essai?
Monaco--E7110 francs1979essai

For a history of Vichy France and its coinage see this thread.
For an overview of the coins of the fourth and fifth republic until the introduction of the euro see this thread.
An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


This part of the index is for trade tokens: tokens issued by public institutions (e.g. cities, chambers of commerce, military) suitable for general circulation - that excludes e.g. prison money. The coins issued by the national Chamber of Commerce are in the table above.

Each of the lines below is linked to a thread on this board. When more tokens are discussed in one thread, all illustrated tokens are taken up in the index. The catalogue numbers are from Monnaies de nécessité et jetons monnaies, France et colonies, Monaco, 1800-2000 by Roland Elie, ISBN 2951946007. Where there is "--" in the column for the Elie number, the piece is not listed in Elie and "n.a." is a token outside the scope of Elie. Denomination and date are as on the token, or a date range if the date on the coin was not legible, "nd" indicates that the token is undated.

Please point out errors in a PM to the indexer, Figleaf.

France10.35 centimes1921Amiens
France10.210 centimes1918Annonay
France10.210 centimesndChatellerault
France10.25 francsndChatillon, Fort de
France10.15 centimesndEvreux
France10.210 centimesndEvreux
France10.210 centimesndEvreux
France10.325 centimesndEvreux
France10.325 centimesndEvreux
France10.41 francndEvreux
France10.52 francsndEvreux
France15.925 centimes1920Hérault
France10.15 centimesndMarseille
France10.15 centimesndMarseille
France10.410 centimes1922Nice
France10.15 centimes1922Peronne
France10.510 centimes1922Rochelle, La
France10.625 centimes1922Rochelle, La
An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.