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Akbar Dam, Ajmer Mint

Started by Rangnath, February 12, 2008, 09:49:09 PM

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I recently recieved this dam which I believe to be Km 28.1. I've attempted to read the date, much of which is off the flan.  Do you agree that it could be AH 999? 
The coin weighs 20.4 grams.


My reason for naming the mint as Dar ul-Khalifat (Agra?) is that my coin looks the same as the one below which a dealer claimed was from that mint.


Not Agra, but both pieces are of Ajmer mint. (KM#28.3)
Obv.: Legend from bottom to top: Fi Sanah / (date in digits) + (date written out)
Rev.: legend from top to bottom: Zarb Ajmer / Sikkah / Falus.
The date is AH99x. Last digit most probably is a 9, but could also be a o. Also the written date doesn't give a clue. (900 is clear, 90 is almost off fan and the last digit is not clear at all).


"Ancient Coins Canada" is a great site for images and information for Mohul coins. They charge a premium for their coins too.  None of their coins were labeled with the mint of Ajmer.  Thanks for the correction.  I tend to accept what they have as gospel. 

Am I in error referring to this coin as a dam?  Does "falus" refer to the denomination, the metal used, or both?


Falus in general refer to a copper coin. You may see the word Falus on different denominations.
In this case the coin is a Dam or 1/2 Tanka.