Turkey - 5 kurus & 10 kurus 1974?

Started by natko, December 14, 2011, 06:26:13 PM

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According to Krause catalog, those two denominations changed weights in 1969 and 1974. Turkish mint mentions only 1969.

Can somebody actually confirm it was done in 1974, to make one-year type?

5 kurush changed from 2,5g to 2g, 10 kurush from 4 to 3,5g. I can confirm that from my collection, but I miss all 1974 types (3of them including FAO commemorative)

It would be also great to contribute to Krause corrections if they are wrong here.


Don't have many Turkish coins, but I can tell you what the Schön catalog says. The bronze 5 kuruş coin was 2.5 g until (and including) 1968, then 2.0 g until 1973, then 1.35 g in 1974 only. The 10 kuruş piece changed from 4.0 g to 3.5 g and then 2.5 g in the same years.

That also applies to the 10 kuruş FAO coins: 3.5 g in 1973, 2.5 g in 1974 ...




Some actual coins and my scales confirm what Christian says in respect of the 10k non-FAO issue.


Wonderful! Turkish mint doesn't specify them, Turkish sites don't mention them... So wanted to know from actual pieces as weights are harder than design varietes, they can't can't be googled  ;D

Thanks guys!


It's easy to tell they are lighter, because they are also a lot thinner !
No scales needed here ;)



This made me curious .... why not the 1 kurus coins ...
When I compare 1973 with 1974 here, 1,0 gr. and 0,9 gr.
0,9 mm and 0,8 mm ....
is 1974 a bit worn in my case, or is there really a difference ?

Can anyone compare those 2 with post WW2 measuring equipment  :D

Thanks, Paul.


1 kurus didn't change the weight at first change. It was probably too insignificant to bother with it. Thanks again. Thickness is hardly seen on photos, even when two pieces are together.