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Bolivia - Oruro Department - Federico Beltran
« on: November 06, 2011, 11:18:57 PM »
In the rummage trays... whenever I get to the end there often seem to be some tiny pieces left to look through, pieces that had settled their way to the bottom of the tray. Often at this point there will usually mainly be a number of the very small (under 20mm diameter) thin brass imitation pieces - but amongst those sort of things in a recent tray this piece was the odd one out - Brass and 15mm diameter, but not particularly thin and not really like any of those imitation pieces in design.

A quick look at this piece because of it being an "odd one out" soon made me think it was worth buying - particularly at the cheap price as shown on the tray.

The first book I looked for this token in was "Latin American Tokens" - the index included "Beltran, Federico" and directed me straight to page 305. Done ! A good book for the once in a while that I find such a token.

So the piece is Rulau - Bolivia - Oru 3.

"Oru" being as Federico Beltran and one other issuer are listed for "Oruro Department". My piece is the third of three listed for Federico Beltran.

There is a note regarding the two tokens of the other issuer to say that a previous author believed those tokens to have been to do with the silver mines.

What did Federico Beltran do ?

Thanks Mr Paul Baker