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D letter Estonian designated 20€ banknotes in 2012

Started by Rasmus, October 30, 2011, 07:20:22 PM

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According ERR news Estonian Bank will issue 20€ banknote next year.
They will bear letter D and will be made by German Bundesdruckerei GmbH.

Also these countries will be part of next years pool: Netherlands,Finland, Slovakkia, Sloveenia, Cypros, Malta and Luksemburg

Full news in Estonian ;) here:


Thanks for the interesting news! And since my Estonian is, well, somewhat limited ;) I had a brief look at the ECB note production website. See attachment ...



Right, class. Pay attention. If you print 50 mln banknotes of €200 each, the total of your stash is €10 billion plus €40 000 to pay off your Greek accountant. :D

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