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Comments on "Milestones in the decimal coinage of Gibraltar"

Started by <k>, October 17, 2011, 08:50:50 PM

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Here you see New Calpe House as it appears on the reverse of a Gibraltarian 20 pence coin of 2018.

New Calpe House.jpg

Here you see a photo of New Calpe House in Norfolk Square, London.

Can you spot the difference.

The coin design of New Calpe House is surely the most egregious misnomer in the history of numismatics.

What happened? Did the Russians or Chinese cyberhack the Pobjoy Mint?

And should Gibraltar be punished for this? Given back to Spain and forced to use the euro and speak French?  :o
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


And you call that a "milestone"? Hehehe.

Well, that thing on the coin is not the house in the sense of building – it is the Calpe House logo. My impression is that this logo should convey the idea of a rock that is also a home, namely Gibraltar, with a large sun, and a small ship. :)



Interesting. I knew it was the logo of Calpe House, somehow didn't notice that the houses are in the shape of the Rock before.


Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


1 Pound may still get issued if the Royal mint makes bimetallic blanks available.
5 Pounds seems to have been dropped for good, from the circulation series.


Is nonsense. Blanks are available. The Gibraltar government is just not doing anything. It seems that they underestimated the cost and logistical operation involved, and now they are less interested to do it. Although its finance minister continues to claim that they will issue the coin, something he has been saying for many years now.


Instead what i've experienced during my short stay on the Rock this past weekend is that HM the Queen@95 1£ is widely circulated probably to make up for the "forgotten" coin or to please collectors ;)
Also most coins of 2020 series starting with Sandy Bay, Skywalk etc..have never been seen by locals I have asked as of yet, except one rare occasions. While there only the 5p was seen circulated depicting the Windsor suspension bridge. Maybe it wasn't just the 1£ of this damned series where they ran into trouble. Time will tell it's story anyway.