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€2 commemorative coins
« on: March 22, 2007, 02:42:57 AM »
In 2003 the council of the EU recommended to all European-euro countries only struck a special 2 euro coin in case of a generally European item, such like the Olympics of 2004, held in Greece.
Because it was a recommendation and not a law  :-X, almost all euro countries still issued a special 2 euro coin. None of them have a general European item (except the Greece coin of 2004 and the Finland 2-euro coin of 2004 'Enlargement of the European Union by ten new Member States')
For collectors it is a good thing all those different coins  ;D although this year -2007- there will be about 30 special coins: 17 with the item 'treaty of Rome' including the 5 mint houses of Germany and about 13 special 2 euro coins, also including the 5 mint houses of Germany.

For the images of all special 2-euro coins you can have a look at this site
and for the mintage quantities at this site
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