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Banknote Quality Survey

Started by chrisild, September 20, 2011, 01:03:16 AM

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The ECB put a "survey on the quality of euro banknotes in circulation" online:

It asks nine simple (multiple choice) questions. The first part is about what you think of the quality of the €5 and €50 notes. Then they want to know what means of payment you use if you need to pay €50. The rest is basically statistics - country, age group, etc.

The "preferred means of payment" question I did not answer. For me that depends on where I am, what kind of store it is, and how much cash I have in my wallet. :)



Professional job. When you set up a study, you always want more content questions and don't care enough about the demography questions. When analysis time comes, you drown in the content questions and underuse the demography questions. They avoided the first error, so the second one canot occur. Neat.

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