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Malta: Dispute Over De La Rue's Role in Printing Banknotes

Started by Bimat, September 05, 2011, 07:57:15 AM

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GWU registers dispute with De La Rue

The General Workers' Union has registered an industrial dispute with international banknote printing company De La Rue because it objects to the outsourcing of security work usually carried out by employees.

The union claimed this would have a negative impact on workers' income and created "huge security risks" as sensitive products would be in the hands of third parties.

De La Rue is involved in the design and production of over 150 national currencies and a wide range of security documents including passports, driving licences, authentication labels and tax stamps.

The union said it had been in discussions with the company for several weeks but a solution had not been found.

Source: Times of Malta
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I wonder who fudged the issues with De La Rue and the Indian government over quality issues. I know, it was the De la Rue employees. You can't trust those outsourced people at all.


Don't know about security work (always a useful bugaboo), but large quantity printing will likely disappear from Western Europe. Already, whenever it is noted where a book is actually printed, I see that printing is an activity moving to Mediterranean countries.

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