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Peru: Three New Banknotes Introduced
« on: September 01, 2011, 04:06:57 PM »
Yesterday (August 31), Central Bank of Peru introduced three new banknotes: 50 Nuevos Soles (~ USD18.4), 100 Nuevos Soles and 200 Nuevos Soles. More information (in Spanish) can be found here.

Technical details:

50 Nuevos Soles:  Red. Front: Abraham Pinto Valdelomar. Back: Templo Nuevo, Chavin de Huantar, Ancash.

100 Nuevos Soles: Blue. Front: Jorge Basadre Grohmann. Back: Gran PajatEen, Cultura Chachopoyas, San Martin.

200 Nuevos Soles: Gray.Front: Santa Rosa de Lima. Back: Ciudad Sagrada de Caral, Lima.

Dimensions of all the notes: 140 mm * 65 mm

I'll post images once they are available.

Bank also has a video demonstrating the banknotes: Link

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