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"Amazing what people will put in parking meters."

Started by chrisild, August 13, 2011, 11:31:02 AM

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This is not really about North American coinage, but well, it deals with coins and tokens found there. :) An archivist in Providence, RI, US discovered a couple of bags full of coins "in a neglected corner of City Hall's attic". It is quite surprising indeed what people, in the days of parking meters, would put into the slots. :) Just one small photo, but several pieces are described in the text:


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Ilford, Essex, near London, England.

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I have a deal with a local bank in the USA that saves me the rejects from coin deposits by commercial customers.  There are several patterns I notice in the finds - lots of coins from the East Caribbean States, also Cayman Islands.  But quite a few of the coins come from Kuwait, Iraq etc. - obviously those coins are coming back with servicemen returning from posts in the sandboxes.
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Obviously no rarities, but interesting stuff for kids and a good reminder of how a 12 year old is perfectly capable of identifying practically all common coins, even without a catalogue. I hope someone will ship some extra coins to the two girls to keep them interested in coins.

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