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Canada: New $20 Collector Coin "D-10 Locomotive"

Started by Bimat, June 24, 2011, 07:20:28 AM

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Canadian $20 D-10 Locomotive Silver Coin Available
June 23, 2011 by Darrin Lee Unser

The Royal Canadian Mint is closing out its Great Canadian Locomotive Series with the release of the $20 D-10 Locomotive Silver Coin. This strike marks the final of four in the series to be issued by the Mint recalling the golden age of Canadian rail.

Shown on the reverse of the silver coin is a design showcasing one of Canada's most important locomotive series of the era, the D-10. When first produced, the D-10 proved so dependable and practical that over 500 of the powerful locomotives were constructed for use in the early 1900's. They continued to be the workhouse unit of the Canadian Pacific Railway for decades until the last one was finally phased out of service in 1960.

Specifically, the design on the reverse of $20 D-10 Locomotive Silver Coin portrays Engine 999 which has been preserved and placed on display at the Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant, Quebec.

Attention to detail in the design is apparent from the mechanics of the locomotive to the station shown behind it. Also, the engine number of "999" can be readily seen on the front of the boiler with the distinctive Canadian Pacific Railway Half-Moon headlight above it.

Surrounding the reverse design are the inscriptions of CANADA, 2011 and the face value of 20 DOLLARS. The design was completed by Mint engravers from photographs of the locomotive currently in the collection of the Canadian Pacific Archives.

Shown on the obverse of the strike is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England by Susanna Blunt. Also shown are the inscriptions of ELIZABETH II and D.G. REGINA.

Preceding the $20 D-10 Locomotive Silver Coin were three other strikes in the Great Canadian Locomotive Series. Each honored a different locomotive of the golden era, including the Royal Hudson, Jubilee and the Selkirk. The series has proved popular to both coin collectors and train enthusiasts and is limited to a maximum mintage of only 10,000 per design.

The D-10 coins are each struck from 99.99% pure silver to a diameter of 38mm and feature a special edge lettered design which repeats the inscription of "D-10." These coins ship in a special presentation case along with a certificate of authenticity.

Those interested in obtaining one of the $20 D-10 Locomotive Silver Coin may place an order directly from the Royal Canadian Mint on their website at

Source: Silver Coins Today
It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. -J. K. Rowling.


From Royal Canadian Mint's information page, the coin will cost $79.95 CAD (About $79.35 USD) and has a mintage of 10,000.

It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. -J. K. Rowling.