Indian subcontinent: Ancient & Pre-sultanate


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[1] Index Of Ancient and Pre-Sultanate Indian Coins On This Board

[2] Index of coins with an overlay, clarifying its text

[3] Samudragupta: The First Archer Type Gold Coin of India

[4] Kushan Dynasty: Vima Kadphises (c. 100-128 AD), AE Tetradrachm, Bilingual series

[5] Indo Sassanian, Paramara, AR Gadhaiya, Horseman type

[6] Cast coins from Vidrabha region

[7] Later Indo Sassanian, Palas, Devapala, AR Drachm

[8] Indi-Parthians, Sanabares, AE Drachm

[9] Kashmir Kshema Gupta sole legend


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