Indian subcontinent: Mughal, Princely states and colonial (1526-1947)

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[1] (Partial) Index of Coins on this Board (Old)

[2] MOVED: Sikh Empire: AR Rupee in the name of Mahmud Shah Durrani, Peshawar, AH1231/7

[3] MOVED: Help for some Indian coins 2

[4] MOVED: Is this Jhansi Rupee Maratha or Awadh issue?

[5] MOVED: Unknown Indian coin #3 (possibly Gwalior fort paisa)

[6] MOVED: Sikh paisa, but what km #? 2

[7] MOVED: Sikh paisa, but what km #? 1

[8] Three Swami Pagodas of South India

[9] Help with identifying this Pagoda


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