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British Crown Dependencies / Re: Isle of Man: VE Day 50 pence series 2020
« Last post by eurocoin on February 14, 2020, 09:38:04 PM »
The coins were designed by Michael Guilfoyle. Some people have already received these coins. They were called by the Westminster Collection to place an order. It is currently not (yet) possible for other people to place an order.
Thank you for posting this here, TH. Unfortunately, the best person to ask for advice in this group is you. Meanwhile, this is a great reminder of the fun you can have by going off the beaten track. People who come for advice actually listen to you. You may just discover things, not only for yourself, but for science!

Keep having fun, TH. There's plenty more out there and it sure beats TV and YouTube combined.

Mughal central government / Re: Identification request
« Last post by abhinumis on February 14, 2020, 07:49:20 PM »
Thanks Peter!
Saikat, here is a link to a similar coin...,47053.msg294257.html#msg294257
USA / Masonic Token
« Last post by brandm24 on February 14, 2020, 07:38:46 PM »
Here's a Mosonic  penny issued by Chapter 243 in Philadelphia. It was organized in 1873 but I don't know exactly how old the penny is itself.

On the obverse is the common keystone symbol with the letters HTWSSTKS around the center circle. The initials stand for "Hiram The Widow's Son Sent To King Solomon" and is also commonly seen on Masonic pieces. Hiram Abiff was the chief architect for King Solomon's Temple. He was killed when he refused to reveal secret Masonic passwords to evil non-believers. It was considered an act of courage and loyalty.

Tristam B. Freeman, who the chapter was named after, was a print seller from London who settled in Philadelphia and founded an auction house in 1805. It was named Samuel T. Freeman & Co. It became very prominent in auction house circles. The company, now named  Freeman's Auctioneers and Appraisers, remained a family business until 2017. It's now located at 1808 Chestnut St.

The obverse keystone and tools are struck in very high relief which gives the piece an impressive look. It's 31 mm and struck on a thin brass planchet. Along with pictures of the token, I've included a picture of the present day store front of Freeman's, a picture of Freeman himself, and that of a commemorative plate issued by the chapter in 1911.

Mughal central government / Re: Identification request
« Last post by Figleaf on February 14, 2020, 07:24:04 PM »
 :applause: :perfect:

It takes a lot of expertise to see that.

Mughal central government / Re: Identification request
« Last post by abhinumis on February 14, 2020, 05:21:39 PM »
Hi Saikat,
What you see in the top line is Mubarak of Julus mubarak.. Typologically it looks like Aurangzeb Ahmedabad mint
Unidentified tokens / Re: Token with mongram TR or RT
« Last post by Manzikert on February 14, 2020, 12:52:22 PM »
I think the monogram is TK or KT, which if it is Austrian might stand for Kaiserliche [something] I suppose, though they were more usually KuK [Kaiserliche und Konigliche].

Figleaf, you are right, I remember this, too. I should have added that these notes were printed on excellent, crisp banknote paper. In many ways they are exactly like the original ones, except for their monochrome reverse.

-- Paul
Unidentified tokens / Token with mongram TR or RT
« Last post by Henk on February 14, 2020, 10:42:57 AM »
I am looking for information about the following token:

Bronze, 23 mm
O: RT (or TR) mongram
R: 1 Fl.

The monogram is rather odd and quite elaborate. I have not seen such a monogram before. The value is stated as 1 Fl. This probably stands for 1 Florin = ! Gulden. The token may be from Austria and dated pre WWI. It is not listed in the Heistler catalog ( nor in Menzel 2018.
Unidentified tokens / Re: token with unknown monogram
« Last post by brandm24 on February 14, 2020, 10:12:28 AM »
Oh, is that how it works?  ???  No matter, I wouldn't know what the initials were anyway, BM24 or anything else. I haven't even seen a counterstamped coin with her or my initials on it...that I know of.

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