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The law, breaking it, international shipping / Re: Coin shipping experiences
« Last post by malj1 on June 05, 2020, 01:21:05 PM »
A little bit longer I think, another two or three weeks!  :(

Reunion island is the other end of the earth?
TDC also issued a 2 pound coin as part of the Queen Mother 90th birthday issues. The reverse designs of these coins were designed by Leslie Durbin.

See: Queen Mother's 90th birthday commemoratives: flower series of 1990.
USA / Re: Piggy tokens
« Last post by malj1 on June 05, 2020, 01:17:51 PM »

    the utilisation of government funds for projects designed to please voters or legislators and win votes.
    "the major parties have hijacked the elections with their shameless pork-barrelling"
Here I am looking only at the copper-nickel collector issues and not silver or gold.

Backtracking slightly now to the early 1990s, I see that Ascension never issued a 2 pound coin in the whole of the 1990s. Neither did St Helena in its own name.

However, St Helena-Ascension issued two £2 coins - one in 1990 and the other in 1993. Both showed the denomination on the obverse.
TDC's next 50 pence coin after 1987 was not issued until 1999. It kept the same format as before and did not move the '50 PENCE' text onto the reverse.
USA / Re: Piggy tokens
« Last post by Figleaf on June 05, 2020, 12:48:20 PM »
Isn't there a US expression that uses "pork" to indicate misappropriation of funds for local political purposes?

Commemorative 2 euro coins / Finland 2020: 100th Anniversary of University of Turku
« Last post by Bimat on June 05, 2020, 12:36:51 PM »
I understand that the issuance of the rolls of this coin (and possibly also other products) has been postponed until September because of COVID-19.

Oh no. I have reserved a copy for myself and looks like I will have to wait for quite some time to actually see it. :-[

After its 1984 commemorative coin, Saint Helena also did not issue another one until 1995. This one also commemorated the 95th birthday of the Queen Mother. The denomination was still 50 pence, but now it appeared on the reverse of the coin. The word 'QUEEN', however, does not now appear on the obverse legend.

So here we have a coin in similar format to the Ascension coin of 1995. Not only that, but both reverse designs of the Queen Mother are the work of the same artist, Michael Rizzello.
British Crown Dependencies / Re: Isle of Man: Peter Pan 50p series 2020
« Last post by <k> on June 05, 2020, 12:06:07 PM »
Text-heavy designs again. Is it a trend?
USA / Re: Piggy tokens
« Last post by brandm24 on June 05, 2020, 11:39:37 AM »
As you might have guessed, I found a couple of coins counterstamped with images of pigs. One in my collection and the other not.

The 1849 Large Cent has various animal images stamped on it including this pig, a rooster, dog, eagle, etc. There's also a name stamped on the reverse from a prepared punch "D.M. Church"  I did come across a Dwight M. Church in my search who lived in Holyoke, Mass in the mid to late 1800's. I couldn't determine what his occupation was, but if he were a stamp maker he might be the issuer.

The stamp on the US dime is a bit hard to see because of the poor quality of the picture, but It's an outline of a pig with the word "Pork" within the outline of the animal. These pieces have been known for some time but the maker has never been identified. Apparently, from circumstantial evidence, Brunk thinks it may be the work of a Massachusettes stamp maker. Maybe both examples were issued by Dwight M. Church. I'll have to take a closer look.

In any case, these two pigs seem okay with their lot in life. It fits the general theme of the thread...happy, content pigs.

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