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Fakes and imitations / Re: “Chinese Replica £2 Coins”
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 09:14:11 AM »
Tokens for operating machines / Willings Services Limited
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 09:12:32 AM »
 Willings Services Ltd 01264334786 3 below. uniface brass 27.9mm

See also “Chinese Replica £2 Coins”
Fakes and imitations / “Chinese Replica £2 Coins”
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 09:02:40 AM »
An interesting site I came across while researching a token from Willings Services Limited

See other parts of the site for more fake coins information.
Amit, point taken re: Gaj/Guz but no way finger is 1 inch! Just take a ruler or inch-tape and measure your index finger, from fingertip to knuckle, and you will find it closer to 4 inch approx.

Mitresh, As Alan says, it is the width of the finger and not the length. I had learned these from our gardener when I was a little kid. He always mentioned how different plants needed to be planted different distances away and used words as Hath (Hand) - the distance from elbow to finger tips (used for larger plants); fingers (ungli) for distance of smaller plants & shrubs etc..........

Very nice coin.  I like the overstrike.  I have a bronze :-(  Not nearly as cool.
Unidentified items / Re: Roman Provincial
« Last post by gpimper on Today at 05:56:08 AM »
Caracalla, 211-217 I think...but I'm not sure this coin wasn't minted under Macrinus.  Contentious times!  She's worn but she a cool coin :-)
Unidentified items / Re: Roman Provincial
« Last post by jkk on Today at 05:55:05 AM »
Since the city name is often the beginning of the reverse legend, I wonder...could there be a lost letter before the initial I, perhaps an N? I didn't find many provincial cities beginning with IK, but I found many beginning with NIK. Didn't immediately locate one that matched the rest of it, but that might narrow it down a tad.
Iran and Afghanistan / Re: Civic copper with a bird, AH1167
« Last post by gpimper on Today at 05:22:56 AM »
aws22 beat me to it :-(  I've a similar but I think smaller.  That looks like a thick coin compared to what I've seen.  Nice.
Orientation always messes with me...for my conundrum I'm sure ;-)
Unidentified items / Roman Provincial
« Last post by andyg on June 16, 2019, 11:55:55 PM »
Legend reads AVK M AVR ANTΩNINOC which makes it an issue of Caracalla,
But I can't work out the other side  - IK?ON CE C?RAO....

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