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Thanks for the pictures, Paul. I was having trouble with the date but had guessed 1981.

I think Peter's link provides the answer. I remember when the 55 mph limit was mandated the main purpose was to increase fuel mileage. Apparently, driving at that speed gets the optimum gas mileage from a car.

I was also struck by the fact that this issue was so overthought by the government. A certain speed limit for certain conditions and types of highways and on and on. How about driving up a 10 degree grade in winter on a sunny day in Utah? There must be something about that in the regulations. I don't know about where you all live, but around here people pretty much set their own speed limit.  ;D

I remember years ago I spent some time doing subcontract work on a military base in Nevada. Nevada is basically a high desert state where nobody lives...except in Vegas, Reno and Tahoe. Anyway, the limit once you got into rural areas was "go as fast as you want to" It was just flat open desert driving. The irony was that the sheriffs pretty much looked the other way unless you were flirting with 100 mph.  They actually encouraged you...unofficially of "hurry" along to your destination. The long tedious driving between far flung destinations was a real threat. The death of motorists was mainly caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel and, yes it's true, hitting animals on the roadway at night. The wild cattle and horses would lay on the pavement at night because it retained the heat from the daytime. It was dangerous driving out there. I know, I did a lot of it.

Naturally, one would ask what this note is for anyway. Was it given out with a ticket by traffic police? It must be rare then, because everyone would tear it up in a rage.
Anyway, here are some details of the note. I take it that G.B.E. are the initials of the artist responsible.

-- Paul

USA / Re: Masonic Token
« Last post by brandm24 on Today at 11:29:10 AM »
The piece I found has D & C below - Made by Dieges & Clust in Providence, Rhode Island

No maker name on my example. I was thinking about looking for him but you've done the work for me. Time enough now for another cup of coffee.  :)

USA / Re: Masonic Token
« Last post by brandm24 on Today at 11:22:38 AM »
One brief addendum. HTWSSTKS is actually Hiram Tyrian Widow's Son Sendeth to King Solomon
Thanks for the correction, bagerap.

Christian world / Re: Holy Roman Empire: Tiel in the Netherlands
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 10:59:13 AM »
Here is Arie's reply (my translation, all errors are mine).


Pellinore is right, it is Dannenberg 1276 and that type only has a crosier. There is nothing on the other side of the head.

Ilisch lists this coin as 4.17.2, there are a few of this type on my site. Other references are Salmo 26:7 and Hatz 87.

By the way, I don't believe that Ilisch main type 4 was struck in Zaltbommel, just because the bishop of Utrecht had the right to coin there, granted in the year 999. If so, the coins should only show crosiers and there are various types with only cross topped staffs or a mix of crosiers and cross topped staffs.

In addition to a royal court, Tiel had a large monastery. In my opinion, main type 4 is simply struck in Tiel, possibly financially supported by the clergy, which would explain the crosiers on the
Mughal central government / Re: Akbar dam AH983 Dogaon
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 10:21:56 AM »
I'll second that and add that the picture is wonderfully clear also.

I was wondering why a speed limit of 55 mph (about 90, for the decimally oriented) requires a special action. I think the answer may be in this exchange. Can't read the last two digits of the date (labelled "series")

Unidentified tokens / Re: amusement parlor
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 10:05:52 AM »
I read it as Japonais = 'Japanese'

Definitely a J
USA / Re: Masonic Token
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 10:00:46 AM »
I was curious about the odd shape of your token and searching the web I found this which may have been the original intended shape.

The piece I found has D & C below - Made by Dieges & Clust in Providence, Rhode Island
Unidentified tokens / Re: Unidentified token JOYFUL LAND
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 09:58:50 AM »
It still works for me, though the company seems to be in Taiwan now.

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