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Not used for payments / Re: unknow taxplate
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 08:40:28 AM »
I think the upper word is moitié (half), so the full text is half of the tax, 1916 and a number, in other words, a tax to be paid in two semi-annual instalments for a registered item in a French speaking area.

See this post. It fits in class 1.

Coin Exhibition held on Coming July and AUgust at below places in Tamilnadu

Kumbakonam Coin Fair 2018
JUl 20-22 , 2018
J . Muthaiya 9443668635
Source: mintageworld

IFPNA Pondy Stamp and Coin Fair

Aug 03-05, 2018
A. V. Jeyachandra: 9345411747, Pramod Kumar Jain: 9894252549 Dr. K Sittarandjane: 9442547016 Email: collexons@yahoo.co.in

 Address: Vel SokkanathanThirumana Nilayam, A/C Hall, 45 Feet Road, Vallalar Salai, Puducherry

Coimbatore Coin Stampex
Aug 10-12, 2018
 Dr. TV Sivananda Memorial Hall, No. 7, Opp. Rexin Land, Near Chennai Silks Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Source: Internet, Mintageworld
Princely States and Independent kingdoms / Re: A last one from Awadh
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 07:25:00 AM »
I can't tell if it is 351.2 or 351.3 as I don't have a clue where the epithet is and they look alike. TBH, I can't even find the date.

I can't tell if it is 351.2 or 351.3 as I don't have a clue where the epithet is and they look alike.

India post 1947 / Re: 50 years of BHEL / Chinmayannd / Jamshedji Tata
« Last post by kishoretkm on Today at 07:02:39 AM »
Got it,

I think I should wait for getting those coins from Dealers/RBI instead to buy it illegally from Dealers (Which not yet announced to circulation).

Thanks for correcting me not to buy which is not legal (Direct/Indirect)  :)


Indian market is difficult to understand.

You should be able to get packets of Tata for 3k, Begum Akhtar for 4.5k and Mysore University for 90k.

You are mixing official things with unofficial corrupt activities of the mint.
The date is indeed problematic. I would have read it as 1206, which is impossible, as the large crown came into fashion only in 1258. With some fantasy, I could read the date as 1259, which would make it KM 325. Compare this coin on Zeno.

Turn top picture upside down and it looks much like this coin.

Islamic world / Re: Osmanid ?
« Last post by Figleaf on Today at 06:25:39 AM »
Thank you for keeping us informed. For ease of reference, here is Vladimir Suchy's response:

It is important coin! Yes, mint is Qostantiniye, struck by Muhammad b Ibráhím, denomination is ¼ riyál/ghruš/qirš or yirmi aqčeliq (yirmiliq / 20 aqčeliq). (...) It could be found in Dr. Atom Damali's History of Ottoman Coins - Volume 5, 19-K-G1.

"Double dirham" never existed as denomination in Ottoman monetary system. Dirhem was weight unit. And yes, this coins weighs two Ottoman dirhems. This denomination was regularly struck since Sulaymán b. Ibráhím, but already as machine-struck coin, this one is hand-struck. Its role as currency was very limited, at first.

Like you, I had read Qustantiniye, but for lack of numbers, I had not figured out Mehmed IV, let alone the denomination. Congratulations with a very nice find.

Islamic world / Re: Osmanid ?
« Last post by gencho kitov on Today at 05:33:19 AM »
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