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These coins have indeed weathered the ages quite well. We have a few good threads on them. My favourite (damaged by photobucket) is here. In addition, our member lakdiva, maintains a superb web site here

it seems to me that this Afganistan Tomara Dynasty Anangapala (1049-1079AD)
3,56 grams
The sign on the bull's croup is clearly visible, but the legend is almost unreadable.

please help in identifying this coin.
India post 1947 / Re: Hyderabad Mint: Another Booking
« Last post by dsuramou on Today at 10:12:14 AM »
Off late I have been observing that the Glue which is being used to hold the coin together is not upto the mark. After few months I observe that the Glue no longer holds the sheets properly. Any other member who had the same issue

Islamic world / Re: Qarakhanid fals, larger than usual
« Last post by THCoins on Today at 09:44:25 AM »
I'd guess that in the left picture the center word is "Yusuf" يوسف . The right center ,  ???

I like Sri Lanka coins with the image of the King as an "octopus". This design has been used for 300 years. A detailed description of the king on the coin (from the Internet):

Obverse :
The head consists of an irregular oblong, the right side being a vertical line, from which projects three horizontal stokes representing the nose, mouth and chin. The crown bulging outwards at the back. The two curved lines on either side of the legs slightly turned upwards at the end indicate a person wearing a 'dhoti', and standing on a lotus stalk with flower to the right. The forearm is bent sharply down; the hand grasps the hanging lamp. The right side elbow is curved down with the arm turned upwards holds a flower presumed to be a jasmine blossom.
Other ancients / Re: Tiny chalkous of Osroes I of Parthia
« Last post by THCoins on Today at 08:21:32 AM »
Having the date fully on flan would have been a nice bonus, but as it is, it is already a real little gem !
Unidentified items / Re: Copper coin please to identify
« Last post by jalwa on Today at 08:18:37 AM »
more clear images, Ottoman empire ruler Murad IV Ghazi  1612 - 1640 coin ?  hopefully i will now get some positive response
External events / Re: Coin Fair "Coinex" - Ahmedabad
« Last post by Vivek on Today at 07:45:16 AM »
Great work Sir Ji!
North Africa / Re: Eastern Libyan one Dinar coin
« Last post by Pabitra on Today at 04:07:26 AM »
Here are better images
North Africa / Have coins started vanishing in Egypt?
« Last post by Pabitra on Today at 03:54:01 AM »
Recently I came across a new note of 50 Piastres of Egypt (2017).
On the other hand, I am yet to come across 50 Piastres and 1 Pound coins of 2013 or later.
Has Egypt too given up on coins?
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