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Unidentified coins / Re: Need Help Identifying these 3 Coins
« Last post by saro on Today at 08:36:03 AM »
Same coin for sure ! with the lower part of the legend written in a more "academic" manner... :) and which gives : "zarb Abushahr".
My tentative for "al-zabid" was wrong : it's a persian civic copper on which, from the 1st exemplar, it isn't easy to decipher the mint from the coarse script.
Nevertheless, I'm please to see that the datation fits with the style, as suggested...
Other squarish civic coppers of Abushahr exist but none like this one which seems to be listed anywhere.

From these 2 coins, the legend appears to be : "zarb Abushahr sanah 12xx  /  ۱۲ xx ضرب ابوشهر سنه   " , a coin struck at Qajars time.
Hi Guys, Here is an unique coin
Shah Jahan dam, Ahmednagar mint. Ry7. Horizontle dotted line on obverse. Probably unique so far!

Ry7 corresponds to 1043AH which marked the end of Nizamshahi sultanate and deposition of Nizamshahi sultan Hussain Nizam Shah III. The Mughal dam standard was imposed in Ahmednagar mint after this deposition of the Nizamshahi Sultan. A superb example

Obverse - Shah Jahan Ghazi Ry7

Reverse- Zarb Falus Ahmednagar

This coins and it's historical background is covered in the article 'Imposition of Mughal dam Standard in Ahmednagar mint' published in Mumbai Coin Society Souvenir 2019 in coming Mumbai Exhibition
The article on this coin and other associated coins are uploaded on . Here is the link
Sharing another interesting Akbar Rupee from Berar, with a Bird.

       " Illahi 49 - KM 93.6 - 11.35 Gm. - 17 MM"

Similar to Zeno Zeno - Oriental Coins Database - Akbar, Rupee, Berar, Ilahi yr. 4x, month: (05)

Expert comments are welcome!
Mughal central government / Akbar - AH 968 - Dehli, Hazrat Rupee ?
« Last post by jaspersaini on Today at 05:25:43 AM »
This coin was sold as Jaunpur Rupee, but there isn't flower motif on it, and it's similar to the Delhi mint Rupees,

10.15 Gm. x 23.3 MM, I can see AH 968. This Rupee is lower in weight, compare to the usual 11 Gms.+

Similar to Mughal Akbar Hazrat Delhi Mint AH 964 Kalima Type Silver Rupee Coin P 1179 ?

Experts attribution required.
External events / Re: 17th Annual Coin, Banknote and Philately Fair - Mumbai
« Last post by asm on Today at 04:06:50 AM »
Pictures of my exhibits at the fair - Due to rush, the number of frames alotted to be was reduced from 5 to 4 at the last minute.
External events / Re: 17th Annual Coin, Banknote and Philately Fair - Mumbai
« Last post by asm on Today at 04:02:15 AM »
This edition has been one of the biggest I have seen in Mumbai. Instead of the normal 100 or less stalls, we have almost 120 stalls, over 50 display frames and the condition came to be such that the organizers had to change the place of the auctions by hiring another space in the adjoining building.
The crowd on Friday was something one does not see even on a Sunday. May be the Waring of Heavy rains - and the fact that it did not rain much ensured a rush on Friday - lest rains over the weekend would cause a problem.

Counters, toy and play money / Re: A.P. F.G.A. Victoria head token
« Last post by malj1 on Today at 01:22:47 AM »
Looks familiar to me too but I can't do any good searching from here as I get too many Aussie results as I live in Victoria named after the Queen on the the obverse!

Can you search UK 19th century trademarks?

Lysaght's used the Queens head trade mark on corrugated iron, I wonder if they made spades ???

John Lysaght and Co.

Other South-East Asia / Re: Modern coinage of Brunei
« Last post by <k> on Today at 12:47:24 AM »
Good to know that!
Looks to me like Shah Jahan Akbarnagar.
Counters, toy and play money / Re: A.P. F.G.A. Victoria head token
« Last post by bagerap on Today at 12:38:18 AM »
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