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Title: Illegible birth certificates
Post by: FosseWay on October 10, 2020, 10:43:45 PM
Gibt es hier jemanden, der mir mit dieser in kaum lesbarer Frakturhandschrift geschriebenen Geburtsurkunde hilfen kann?  ;D

I've figured most of it out:

Dresden, am 15ten October 1883.

Vor dem unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute, der Persönlichkeit nach auf Grund vorgelegten ….. kannt, der Privatus Thomas William Rolleston, wohnhaft zu Dresden, ….ufer 28, III., Dissident (Religion,) und zeigte an, daß von der Edith Caroline Rolleston geboren de Burgh, seiner Ehefrau, Dissidentin (Religion,) wohnhaft bei ihm, zu Dresden, in seiner Wohnung, am elften October des Jahres tausend acht hundert achtzig und drei, Nachmittags um neun und drei viertel Uhr ein Kind männlichen Geschlechts geboren worden sei, welches die Vornamen Arthur George erhalten habe.

... but can't decipher the street address in Dresden. Google Maps isn't helping me either, and I suspect many street names in Dresden have changed several times since the 1880s anyway. I also don't understand the clause beginning "der Persönlichkeit", where I also can't read a couple of words, though I don't suppose it's particularly relevant.
Title: Re: Illegible birth certificates
Post by: malj1 on October 11, 2020, 12:58:31 AM
I asked Google translate what he thought! (so that I could understand what it was about)

Dresden, October 15th, 1883.

Before the signed registrar appeared today, the personality according to the presented ... .. knows, the Privatus Thomas William Rolleston, resident in Dresden, ...ufer 28, III., Dissident (religion,) and indicated that from the Edith Caroline Rolleston born de Burgh, his wife, dissident (religion,) living with him, in Dresden, in his apartment, on the eleventh October of the year thousand eight hundred eighty and three, a male child was born at nine and three quarters in the afternoon, which was given the first name Arthur George.

I can't read the address either. Dresden was very heavily bombed in WW2 and the street may no longer exist.
Title: Re: Illegible birth certificates
Post by: THCoins on October 11, 2020, 04:02:01 AM
The address in Terrassen Ufer 28.
Can not read it here, but in the Walt Whitman archive there is a copy of a letter of Rolleston to Whitman which shows the adress clearly.
(Rolleston was the translator of some of the work of Whitman in German at the time.)
As terrassenufer means "quay" or "embankment", it was alongside the elbe river, and not a part of the infrastructure that would dissapear easily due to bombing.

The part about the personlichkeit means how he identified himself. So "der personlichkeit nach auf grund vorgelegten passes anerkannt".
Title: Re: Illegible birth certificates
Post by: FosseWay on October 11, 2020, 08:45:39 AM
Thank you - that's cleared it up  :)

I had considered Terrassenufer as a possibility, because of the capital T and the fact that Terrassenufer is still in existence on Google Maps, but thought the handwritten word was too long.

Terrassenufer 28, however, is today a typical postwar DDR apartment block, so I presume the building in which the Rollestons lived was as Malcolm mentioned destroyed in the war.