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Title: Alfred Toogood / Sydney
Post by: brandm24 on May 31, 2020, 02:56:50 PM
I came across this interesting token recently. Not so interesting for the token itself, but rather for the issuer.

The design is uninspiring and doesn't particularly stand out in any way. It's copper and 34 mm. and was struck by Londoner W.J. Taylor. Taylor was known as a talented die sinker, medalist and engraver who worked at 3 Litchfield St. Though this piece doesn't appear to be signed, he often did so with a small W.J.T. stamp.

The issuer, Alfred Toogood, was a colorful character who was much more interesting than his token. Unfortunately, his surname didn't accurately describe him.

Toogood was born in Coventry, Warwickshire in 1814 and christened at St. Michael on July 11th. His father's name was  William and his mother's, Sarah.

In 1832, Alfred and four other men were charged in an incident involving the destruction of the home of Josiah Beck in Coventry. They also destroyed machinery owned by Beck and severely beat him. He was convicted at trial in March, 1832. Two of the men were acquitted and two more executed, but Toogood, because of his age was transported to Australia in September, 1832. He along with 184 other prisoners were transported on the vessel Georgiana

Eventually, he made his way to Sydney, New South Wales and became involved in the publican trade. He acquired a tavern at King & Pitt St. in 1855 from a Mr. Doran and changed the name form the Hope & Anchor to the Rainbow Tavern. Apparently. Toogood operated it successfully until his death in 1867.

Alfred was married three times. His wives names were Ann Collins, Rachael Sarah Webber, and Esther Carroll. In all he had eight children.He died on May 30, 1868 and was buried in the Camperdown Cemetery.

There are no other varieties of this token that I'm aware of. The photo attached is one taken in the 1870's of the Liverpool Arms, a competing tavern on the opposite side of the street from the Rainbow.


(Token mages courtesy of Etsy / Constantines Coins)

Title: Re: Alfred Toogood / Sydney
Post by: Figleaf on June 02, 2020, 01:13:07 PM
I was wondering about Toogood's motives for attacking Beck and found a detailed description of the event and its aftermath ( Fascinating reading and with obvious connections to what is happening today. Note that at the time, Toogood was 18 and considered too young to be hanged, while Burbury was 22.

Title: Re: Alfred Toogood / Sydney
Post by: brandm24 on June 02, 2020, 03:03:53 PM
Interesting story about the incident. I only saw a brief description and didn't go any further into it. In addition to Toogood being too young to hang, I think they thought he was unduly influenced by the older men.