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Title: Austrian beer token
Post by: Figleaf on July 06, 2007, 12:13:16 AM
Another special for dalehall

Salm Brau ( will give you a Kr?gel (small stone tanker) of beer for this brass token (6.9 grams, 30.1 mm). Their web site definitely makes you thirsty.

Title: Re: Austrian beer token
Post by: Prosit on July 09, 2007, 01:05:16 AM
Nice one!

I don't have many Bier type tokens, odd as that may seem to collectors in this area.
Here is one of the few but I am particularly proud of it.  The exact purpose of the tokens still eludes me after all this time.

Title: Re: Austrian beer token
Post by: Figleaf on July 09, 2007, 01:24:12 AM
Beer tokens are not only in use in the Netherlands, their use is increasing. I have quite a few for trade in my coin trading post (,324.0.html). The reason for using them is security. Guests buy tokens from a central point, where trusted cashiers work. The waiters just deal in tokens that are not worth stealing. This is especially useful when there is a sudden surge of business, e.g. during a festival. The beer hall can hire temporary staff, without having to worry about being robbed by the new people.

Here, we have giant dancings in regions where young people have nowhere else to go. They all use tokens. Recently, seigniorage has been rediscovered. Beer hall owners now pull stunts like wanting three tokens for a beer and selling them in multiples of five and changing design every once in a while. The old leftovers are suddenly worthless. No one collects them ... yet. There are also reports of fake beer tokens from China, appearing a week after a new design has been introduced! That may be true or it may be a tall story, but it was in a major newspaper.