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Title: France Essai de Frappe 50 Fr 1975 Silver
Post by: Henk on October 03, 2018, 10:55:35 AM
I have an Essai de Frappe (striking trial) from the Monnaie de Paris for a Silver 50 Franc piece, dated 1975. Diameter is 41 mm and weight 30,0 gram. The metal is silver. The edge (not photographed) is the same as on the normal pieces. These specifications are identical to the normal piece. The piece does show some scratches and nicks and a small discoloration, it looks like it has been in circulation. In my Gadoury (monnaies Francaises 1789 - 1989) essais are listed for 1974 (13,800 pieces) but not for 1975 which is the fist year of issue (4,2 M pieces). I assume the essais with date 1974 are identical those of 1975, except for the year, but with the word essai in small letters. My specimen probably is some kind of test piece for testing the minting equipment but I could not find any information about it. Nor could I find another example listed anywhere. I do not have the recent Gadoury catalog by M. TAILLARD - M. ARNAUD, ESSAIS MONÉTAIRES & PIÉFORTS FRANÇAIS 1870-2001-ED. 2014 and have not yet been able to consult it.

Any information about this "essai de frappe" will be appreciated!
Title: Re: France Essaie de Frappe 50 Fr 1975 Silver
Post by: Figleaf on October 03, 2018, 12:36:08 PM
Interesting piece, Henk. I have alerted our liaison officer to it, so that our francophone friends of ( can give their opinion. FWIW, Le Franc doesn't mention your piece either.

Title: Re: France Essai de Frappe 50 Fr 1975 Silver
Post by: Figleaf on October 08, 2018, 09:53:57 PM
Here ( is the verdict of the French jury. ;)

Your piece is genuine and likely to be unlisted. Several other test pieces are known. Some are quite different (,fmd_335744,a.html). Others are similar.

Interestingly, a 20 franc coin ( was privately proposed, but the idea did not progress beyond the essai stage. As proposed, it had the same weight and diameter as your trial piece, so you cannot automatically assume that your piece was for a 50 francs.

Our francophone colleagues also note that CGB handled a box for a series ( for the series 1962, referring to a decree of 1959. The difference with your piece is that the boxed series is the same on both sides. These boxes were a gift for the members of the monetary committee.

Personally, I believe your piece was once in such a box. It may have been spent inadvertently, but I don't think there ever were vending machines that accepted the 50 franc coins of this period.

Title: Re: France Essai de Frappe 50 Fr 1975 Silver
Post by: Henk on October 09, 2018, 09:23:25 AM
Thanks! The proposal for the 20 Franc piece is new to me. I still think mine is a trial for the 50 Franc piece because of the date, 1975. The idea for a 20 Francs would have been scrapped by that date and the production of the 50 Francs was well under way. Essais of the 50 francs are dated 1974 and production pieces are dated 1975 and later.

I bought my specimen in 1995 from the price list of a German coin dealer. I ordered it without much hope of actually getting it, assuming it would already have been sold. I was very pleased when it arrived in the mail!
Title: Re: France Essai de Frappe 50 Fr 1975 Silver
Post by: ALL YOUR COINS on October 10, 2018, 11:00:14 PM
As i said on another forum, there was 50 francs trial silver coin. Same diameter, weight and metal, but the reverse is different. Star and not dots, monogram EMP.

Very interesting coin. Can i use the photo for an article on my website and add it on database? Link to my website: