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Title: Numismatic heritage: overview
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In modern times, many coin designs have been reused. The main reasons for this reuse are categorised in the titles of the topics below. All the titles begin with the phrase "Numismatic heritage", in order to emphasise what they have in common.

1] Numismatic heritage: ancient designs reused on modern circulation coins (,41876.0.html)

2] Numismatic heritage: circulation designs that have been reused (,41869.0.html)

3] Numismatic heritage: commemorative designs that became standard designs (,41863.0.html)

4] Numismatic heritage: old designs honoured on modern commemoratives (,41868.0.html)

5] Unrealised designs that later became coins (,38019.0.html)

See also: Coins on Coins (,2500.0.html)

The topic deals with coins which have designs that show other coins, rather than coins that merely reuse designs.