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Title: Alfred Hughes and Sons
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Alfred Hughes and Sons
of Bordesley Green Road, Saltley, Birmingham.

Alfred Hughes began manufacturing in Birmingham, 1879 and the company was incorporated 1910. It became part of the
Rowntree group 1929. In 1933 Hughes made chocolate biscuits for F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd and Gray & Dunn & Co. to
trade as an ‘A’ house. The factory was destroyed in 1940 and rebuilt in 1946-7. The company ceased trading in 1974.

The aim of this notice is to direct attention to one particular kind—the Milk Arrowroot Biscuits.
These are the speciality of Messrs. Alfred Hughes and Sons, Ltd., Birmingham, and are obtainable from all high-class
confectioners and grocers or from the stores. It is said that in their preparation twice as much milk is used as in
any ordinary form of arrowroot biscuit. Certainly this special biscuit is exceptionally palatable and nutritious It is
greatly enjoyed by children of all ages. For delicate boys and girls these biscuits provide an excellent accompaniment
for the morning or evening glass of milk or chocolate.
from The Child, Volume 12 1922 - Child rearing
Title: Re: Alfred Hughes and Sons
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    Alfred Hughes and Sons, Ltd. Birmingham, England, undated Biscuit manufacturers suffered a complete burn-out
    as a result of enemy action. Their important books and records were housed in a 6019 ME Safe-Cabinet illustrated
    here, and in spite of the intense heat, were preserved intact. Sales Ledgers (Vertical Visible) and Vertical cards
    were also preserved in L. B. Files."

...images created to document the successful performance of Remington Rand safes during the
Nazi air raids of World War II in various businesses located in London, Birmingham, and Pimlico, England. Equipment
shown includes the Safe-File, the Safe-Kardex, and the Safe-Ledger-Tray.