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Title: Index of Mintmarks & Engravers
Post by: malj1 on November 25, 2017, 01:27:40 AM
A listing of Mintmarks & Engravers to be found:

Cartaux - engraver (,6077.msg38547.html#msg38547)
Clamour, Lille (,33897.msg214126.html#msg214126)
J. Guérin - triangular mint mark  (,34163.msg188860.html#msg188860)
Old French machine tokens - Spanagel (,23944.msg158716.html#msg158716)
Thévenon & Cie engravers (,34147.msg146965.html#msg146965)
HZ mark - Zimberlin (,34151.msg78003.html#msg78003)

Makers marks on French tokens (,28352.msg181895.html#msg181895)

See also
Picture library of medallists' signatures (,37650.msg237730.html#msg237730)
Essai de recensement des fabricants d'insignes (  From a link redwine gave here (,28352.msg231473.html#msg231473)

Netherlands - mintmarks (,34007.msg214892.html#msg214892)

Sprorrong Sweden:
Sporrong Stockholm (,34649.msg218467.html#msg218467)
Sporrong tokens with initials etc. (,35716.msg225394.html#msg225394)
Swedish Transport Token Manufacturers and Stamps (  from WoT

Huguenin Swizerland
Huguenin Switzerland (,41760.msg263515.html#msg263515)