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Title: Libya 5 Para 1223 / 28
Post by: Afrasi on February 18, 2016, 10:52:19 PM
Yes, I know! This is a ruin. But I love ruins. ;D

I love ruins even more, if KM doesn't show a picture of them, gives no price and calls them rare.  :D

If I got it all correct, this is KM 216, 5 Para of the 5th standard, dated 1223/28.

Any confirmation is highly welcome, as sometimes my wishes and my phantasy are stronger than my brain ...  :-[
And, yes, you may correct me, if I'm wrong.  ;)

The physical data:
17.7 - 18.0 mm
1.41 g
Title: Re: Libya 5 Para
Post by: Figleaf on February 19, 2016, 11:31:35 AM
On the assumption that the 5 para looks like the 10, I studied the picture of the 10.

The reverse fits like a glove. Where there is a 10 on the picture (1 o'clock), I can now see a 5 on your coin. The obverse is more difficult. To the right, I can clearly see the 8, but not the 2. However, year 8 is another design and other regnal years ending with 8 are not listed, so 28 looks like the best solution. There is some writing on your coin to the top right of the toughra, but it's not the same as the writing on the picture (fidda). One possibility is that the engraver turned it 45° to compensate for the smaller flan. The toughra is too mangled to compare, but it presented no warning signs.

Taking the above into account, I would agree with your identification. Congratulations! Pretty brilliant find. Hint: maybe KM would like a picture?

Title: Re: Libya 5 Para
Post by: Afrasi on February 19, 2016, 11:53:32 AM
Many thanks! I cannot see the 10 at the catalogue picture nor the 5 on my coin. But I can confirm the word fidda to the right of the toughra. It is visible with the coin in hand using a magnifying glass. My biggest problems was the missing 2 in the year, but looking again on this coin the area, where the 2 should be is damaged by an later made impression. So it is not a filled die. The other problem is the light underweight. The colour is ok for this kind of very poor billon. The copper coins appear much darker.