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Title: Mumbai University Planning Exhibition of Gold Coins
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Mumbai University mulling to hold expo of rare gold coins

By FPJ Bureau | May 15, 2015 12:00 am

Mumbai : University of Mumbai is planning to give a rare feast to the city. University of Mumbai, in coordination with the Hinduja Foundation, a part of UK-based Hinduja Group, is planning to organise an exhibition of rare gold coins in the newly restored Rajabai Clock Tower and Library Building in the university’s Fort campus.

Earlier on Tuesday, University of Mumbai Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar along with officials of Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) who funded for the renovation project, opened the Rajabai Clock Tower and library building for university staff and students.

Rajabai Clock Tower, built in 1869 on the lines of Big Ben London, has been restricted for the public view due to multiple reasons the main being suicide attempts by people and being declared unsafe due to lack of repair and restoration.

While talking on the occasion of opening of the tower, Dr Welukar expressed his wish to open the tower for public. He said, “Before my tenure ends as Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, I wish to open this building for public.”

He also added, “We are also planning to open an exhibition of rare gold coins in coordination and cooperation with Hinduja Foundation at the Library Building.” He hinted that some Australian citizens had donated rare gold coins to Hinduja Foundation a few years ago.

He said, “If the talks with Hinduja foundation go well and they agree with our idea, we will organise the exhibition of rare coins for public.”

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