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Title: Commemorative €2 Coins Planned for 2015
Post by: chrisild on June 04, 2014, 04:34:42 PM
The number of commemorative €2 issues in 2015 will be anything between one and three per country. Why three? Because later this year a common €2 commem (same design for each member state) will come out, dedicated to the European Flag. Further below you find the "individual" issues scheduled for this year; the list is not complete yet ...

Common Issue: 30 Years of the European Flag as an EU Symbol

Belgium: Mons - European Capital of Culture (?)

Finland: Jean Sibelius - born 150 years ago

France: Peace 1945-2015 (End of WW2 70 years ago)

Germany: German States - Hesse (Paulskirche Frankfurt)

Germany: 25 Years of German Unity 1990-2015

Greece: 75th Anniversary of the 28-Oct-1940 "No"

Italy: Expo Milano 2015

Italy: Dante Alighieri (born 750 years ago)

Latvia: EU Council Presidency Jan-Jun 2015

Lithuania: The Lithuanian Language

Luxembourg: 15th anniversary of Grand Duke Henri's accession to the throne

Malta: First Sea Plane Flight Centenary

Malta: Constitutional History - Republic 1974

Portugal: Red Cross (Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa) founded 150 years ago

Portugal: 500th anniversary of the First Portuguese Landing in Timor

San Marino: Dante Alighieri (born 750 years ago)

San Marino: 25 Years of German Unity 1990-2015 (?)

Slovakia: Ľudovít Štúr - born 200 years ago

Slovenia: Emona - founded 2,000 years ago

Spain: Unesco World Heritage - Altamira Cave

Vatican: World Meeting of Families - Philadelphia

Sources are primarily official (mints and central banks) and also include and