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Title: Mathew Boulton's Mint
Post by: malj1 on December 19, 2013, 04:06:43 AM
I have just watched an episode ( of Time Team about Mathew Boulton's former Mint in Birmingham now long demolished.

Here the Time Team search for the remains of the building and a 150 feet long shaft that delivered power to the factory from a steam engine built by James Watt. A brief glimpse of a Sierra Leone coin is see in the last dying minutes of the film.

Birmingham residents get an on-the-doorstep lesson in archaeology when Tony Robinson and Mick Aston call in the experts to try and to locate one of the most important sites in the history of the Industrial Revolution - Matthew Boulton's 18th century mint.

But the task to find the site of the largest coin presser in the world isn't an easy one - given that it is buried beneath the houses and gardens of Soho, Handsworth. But curious to know what lies under their patios, gardens and glass houses, locals are only to willing to give Time Team permission to begin the three day dig in a race against the clock. They even invite them to a street party!

Title: Re: Mathew Boulton's Mint
Post by: Figleaf on December 19, 2013, 08:31:16 PM
Nice episode. I liked the endgame, but also the huge steam engine they show. Nevertheless, the ones who hold the best treasures of that building are the coin collectors.

Title: Re: Mathew Boulton's Mint
Post by: Prosit on December 19, 2013, 10:32:23 PM
I enjoyed that too.  Frustrating they only had three days for the field work.

Title: Re: Mathew Boulton's Mint
Post by: Afrasi on December 19, 2013, 11:21:52 PM
No you know, where I digged out my pieces of the Sierra Leone Co.  ;D
Title: Re: Mathew Boulton's Mint
Post by: @josephjk on December 19, 2013, 11:55:30 PM
Very interesting video... thanks Malcolm! Also got a good look at English homes and yards....  ;)