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Title: Theatres on Coins
Post by: <k> on February 12, 2012, 06:58:44 PM
Poland, 50 zloty, 1983.   150th Anniversary of the Grand Theatre.

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Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: <k> on February 12, 2012, 07:01:51 PM
Czechoslovakia, 100 korun, 1983.   100th Anniversary of the National Theatre of Prague.
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: <k> on February 12, 2012, 07:34:53 PM
Austria, 10 euro, 2005.   50th anniversary of the reopening of the Burg Theater and Opera.
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: chrisild on February 12, 2012, 10:25:31 PM
Side note - that 2005 piece commemorates the 50th anniversary of those reopenings. Interestingly, the coin issued on the original occasion (in 1955, see attached image) was the very first collector coin of the Second Republic.

Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: SquareEarth on September 13, 2013, 01:16:21 AM
Syria Bosra Amphitheater 2 Pounds 1996


Hope it hasn't been blown up yet.
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: SquareEarth on September 13, 2013, 01:19:53 AM
km300 Tunisia1 Dinar (1969) Thysdrus-El Djem

Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: Alan Glasser on September 15, 2013, 05:34:56 PM
Wow. I hadn't considered "amphitheaters" in the music coin set? I know many musical performances are given these days. Seems I even briefly saw YANY (ugh!!!) on TV performing in an amphitheater before I shut the TV off. GASP!

I am on the hunt for the Polish 100 year theater coin of 2013 (2 zloty and 10 zloty I believe???) but I didn't think they have been officially issued yet. Guess I'm wrong.

Well anyway, here is my small subset "Music Theaters, Orchestras and Choirs" set. Coin #14, a Hungarian coin, features famous conductors, (it might bet moved to the "conductors" subset...not was issues to honor an orchestra). I have moved Opera Houses to a separate sub category and when I can, I will include coins with opera scenes in that set and then post here. The problem is that there are several coins that can be listed in more than 1 I did my best based on SCWC descriptions for purpose of minting of each coin. The descriptions of the set is below the scans.                                     
( (

( (

Uploaded with (

World Theaters, Choirs, Orchestras
    1. Austria  25 Schillings  Reopening of Vienna National Theater KM-2880 1955 BU  1,499,000     
    2. Austria  100 Schillings  200 Anniversary Burg Theater  KM-2930  1976  Proof  220,000                
    3. Austria  200 Schillings gold Vienna Philharmonic KM-3004 1998 BU 102,800 1/10th ounce       
    4. Austria  500 Schillings gold Vienna Philharmonic KM-3006  1992  Proof  50,000   
    5. Austria  500 Schillings gold  Vienna Boy’s Choir  KM-3047  1998  Proof  50,000   
    6. Austria   1.5 Euro  Vienna Philharmonic  KM-3159  2008  BU  __            
    7. Austria  10 Euro  Reopening Berg Theater  KM-3125  2005  Proof  60,000         
    8. Bulgaria  10 Leva  National Theater  KM-270  2004  Proof  5,000             
    9. Czechoslovakia  100 Korun  Nat. Theater of Prague 100 Years  KM-111 1983  BU  140,000       
    10. Czechoslovakia 500 Korun Nat. Theater of Prague 100 Years  KM-112  1983  BU  55,000         
        (4740 total proof and unc. melted)                                                                    
    11. Czech  Republic  200 Korun   Czech Philharmonic  KM-22  1996  BU  19,231  (5,800 melted)     

    12. Egypt  5 Pounds  50th Anniversary National Theater  KM-608  1986  BU  6,000      

    13.  Fiji  $10  Westminster Abbey  KM-84  2002  Proof  15,000                                     

    14. Hungary  5,000 Forint  Budapest Philharmonic  KM-769  2003  Proof  4,000                     

    15. Mexico  10 Pesos  Teatro Macedonio Alcala  KM-835  2007  Proof  6,000                     

    16. Poland  50 Zlotych  150th Anniversary of Great Theater  KM-142  1983  BU  615,000                  

    17. Russia  3 Roubles  225 years of Bolshoi Theater  Y-677  2001  Proof  7,500          
    18. Russia  3 Roubles  Kazan Theater Building  Y-910  2005  Proof  10,000         
    19. Slovakia  200 Korun  Slovac Philharmonic  KM-49  1999  Proof  1,400         

    20. Spain 100 Pesetas  Royal Theater (Theatro Rael) 1997  BU  29,480,000

( (

( (

Estonia 1 Kroon Singing Festival (Building) KM-36  1999  BU  100,000    Gee...would this be considered an "amphitheater"??   
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: Alan Glasser on February 21, 2014, 05:26:46 PM
Hello, Miner, and thank you for the post about the Ukraine Theater coin. I have printed out your post and will keep it on file for when I am back to adding to the Music Coin Collection. I am temporarily diverted into the silver Nuevo Sol coins of Peru and making fair progress there.

Many thanks.  Alan
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins...Berlin Theater (schauspielhaus)
Post by: Alan Glasser on July 17, 2014, 05:37:19 PM
Hello everyone.

In a recent review of my East German (German Democratic Republic) coins related to music, I spotted in the Standard Catalog of World Coins,  KM-118 of 1987, a 10 Mark coin commemorating the "Berlin-Theater". With what little German I remember (used to speak it passably...some 30+ years ago...sadly forgotten now) I know that "schauspielhaus" probably refers to "plays". I am wondering if musical events were performed at this theater. I have a section in my Music Coin collection devoted to musical theaters and opera houses. Would KM-118 of the German Democratic Republic fit into that subset? If so, I will begin the hunt.

As always, many thanks. 

Alan in Massachusetts
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: Figleaf on July 17, 2014, 06:44:24 PM
The short answer is yes. The long answer is in the German version of Wikipedia ( The building was opened in 1850 as a casino with garden, equipped with a stage, meant to entertain gamblers. From 1860, operettas were performed in the casino garden. This period came to an end in 1883. Singers performing included Lina Mayr ( and Anna Schramm ( (links in German).

There is a quote here ( linking Lina Mayr, singing Offenbach, to the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Städtisches Theater, as the building was known at that time.

Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: chrisild on July 17, 2014, 06:47:24 PM
In German the word "Theater" may (as in "might" :) ) also refer to a place where you can see opera and ballet. "Schauspielhaus" is more specific, focusing on "spoken plays", and in some cities - such as where I live - refers to one specific theater.

The Schauspielhaus ( in downtown Berlin (at Gendarmenmarkt, a great city square) used to be such a theater. It was rebuilt in the late 1970s/early 80s and has since then been a concert hall. When the coin was issued, as part of a series or set commemorating the 750 year jubilee of the city, it was officially still called "Schauspielhaus" though - it did not get its new name "Konzerthaus" until the mid-90s. See for more info.

Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: Alan Glasser on July 17, 2014, 09:19:10 PM
Hello, Figleaf and Chrisild.

The search is on for KM-118 of the German Democratic Republic. Many thanks for the information. So, I guess my Music Coin set of the GDR is NOT in fact complete. Good. I love the challenge of the the right price.

Thanks!   Alan in Massachusetts
Title: Re: Theatres on Coins
Post by: <k> on September 21, 2019, 11:21:50 PM
Austria, 100 Schilling, 1976.  200th anniversary of the Burgtheater (Court Theatre), Vienna, Austria.