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Dhar State Paisa

Started by Rangnath, December 03, 2007, 11:23:22 PM

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Yes, this is another coin in terrible condition.  Upon seeing it, I thought identification on the basis of the border alone would be possible.  That turned out not to be the case yet. 
On the obverse, I think I see Arabic letters, but I can do so from all angles; I don't know which side is up!
On the reverse, I think I have it right side up.  But beyond that, I haven't a good guess and my bad guesses are no help at all.
The coin is 6.9 grams and 17 mm across.


Some of the coins in the most horrible condition prove to be the best to identify. This is a copper paisa of Dhar State in India.
On more decent preserved specimen the legend reads Dhar/Sarkar/(AH)1266. The coin is a variety of the coin depicted as KM#1.


WOW!  I haven't been so wrong about an object since I drove Father Begin's car in 1971, thinking that it was an automatic transmission when in fact it was a manual one! It only took me three blocks to strip the gears.
At least in this instance, I didn't ruin the coin!  Thanks so much for supplying a better example. 



At least you realized your mistake at some time. Perhaps I should remind you of Homer Simpson's remark, driving through Springfield's main street in mid-summer with his snow chains on: "look at the asphalt fly".

On a more serious note: I wonder if the decorated edge isn't a "wheel of life". As you said, Indian coins are not knows for attempts to hinder clipping...

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


You could be right.  I do think it is a very satisfying motif. 

PS: Now I understand why you know more about my country than I do! I never watched the Simpsons!


Another example:

Mass=6.1 g