Mughals, KM28.7, dam of Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), Alwar (?)

Started by Rangnath, September 08, 2007, 08:40:12 PM

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In proportion to its diameter, this coin is the thickest hammered coin I have.
It is 20 mm across and 8 mm thick and weighs 20.3 grams. But where and when is it from?


It's a Dam of the Mughal emperor Akbar (AH963-1014/AD1556-1605), The illustration is up-side-down. Very little of the legend is readable. On the obv. can read "Zarb Falus... Above it will be the name of the mint, which is about completely off the flan.
As each mint town has its own 'signature' this coin shows a fair resemblance with the copper dams of Alwar mint.
The reverse has the date written out, but is also too incomplete to read out the date.
If it is an issue of Alwar the reference will be KM#28.7


Thank you so much.
After recieving news of this identification, I could be heard muttering to myself "that's frigging amazing, this @#%#W$ guy is a  !@#$@#$# genius!
Yesterday was a very busy day for me.  A neighborhood block party which I organized and a 60th Birthday party of a friend, but the highlight of my day was the news of this coin.
Am I weird or what?
Oh, well.  Once again, I thank you.


Definitely not weird, Rangnath. It's not my coin, yet I enjoy this crash course just like you. It's like Sudoku. If you've never done it yourself you convince yourself it's not interesting. If you've just wrestled through Plant or made your first few puzzles at ground level it's such a pleasure to see a real expert at work.

[off topic] One of the most colourful of Dutch ambassadors was Robert van Gulik. He spoke several oriental languages and was an expert in oriental cultures, yet, he wrote perfectly good detective novels set in ancient China, which he illustrated himself and translated himself from Dutch to English. When in 1965 he was formally introduced as the new Dutch ambassador to emperor Hirohito, he caused an incident. He introduced himself in court Japanese, a variation on Japanese very few people speak, even in Japan. The emperor was highly amused and instead of the obligatory 10 minutes, the introduction took almost an hour. The emperor's schedule for the day was ruined and, even worse, most courtiers, who rule the emperor's life, didn't have a clue what the two were talking about. [/off topic]

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I enjoy hearing about the incredible brilliance of people like van Gulik.  I'm reading "American Prometheus" about Oppenheimer, another super intelligent polyglot.

I keep posting coins for fear that Oesho will loose interest and disappear!  I hope others don't mind.
Like you Peter, I am enjoying this crash course!