Shah Alam Bahadur (AH1119-24;1707-12AD), Rupee, Lahore mint, AH1121/3, KM#347.13

Started by Overlord, January 02, 2010, 11:43:42 AM

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Shah Alam (I) Bahadur (Bahadur Shah I) (1119-1124 AH; 1707-1712 AD), Rupee, Mint Dar-Al-Sultanate Lahore, AH1121/RY 3, KM#347.13

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               Shah Alam Bahadur

Obverse Sikka Shah Alam Badshah Ghazi (Stamped Coin of Emperor Shah Alam, Fighter Against Infidels), (AH)1121

Reverse Zarb Dal-Al-Sultanate Lahore Sanat 3 Jalus Manus Maimanat [Struck at the Seat of Sovereignty, Lahore, in the Third Year (of his) Reign Associated With Prosperity]


Overlord Overlord of Overlordgarh strikes again. Thank you for another great addition. I am fascinated by the boots. Wouldn't they be too hot for Lahore use? Or are they to show the big man's roots from Central Asia?

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