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Comments on Post mediaeval Scottish coinage 1513-1707

Started by Deeman, July 06, 2021, 05:18:05 PM

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Parent topic:  Post mediaeval Scottish coinage 1513-1707.

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Thank you for that thread, Deeman. Scottish coins are complicated and catalogues are few. Mine (Seaby) is about half a century old. Your listing, by series, with an explanation and with the rates and etymology of many of the denominations, is far superior, making the thread a strong reference for this interested in the history of Scottish rulers and their coins. Today, the thread already scored about 1000 hits. That alone is significant.

I should also mention the mouth-watering collection of pictures and educational enlargements you brought together. Most Scottish coins are sloppily struck, they have had a hard time and it shows. With these pictures in hand, lucky owners of Scottish coins may well discover additional detail on their coins.

Personally, I picked up some interesting points. The attachment of the Scottish kings and nobles to unity. The ongoing French connection, the Flemish influence on designs (there may well be a connection with the wool trade), the long use of the hammer and the screw, the pervasive corruption in the Edinburgh mint, the struggle against forgeries that would have contributed to the need for frequent introduction of new types and recall of old coins and above all Basilikon Doron, the reason for all the Stuarts' pig-headed attachment to absolutism that in the end cost them the throne. I hope the thread will be at least just as much fun to read for many others.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.