Gambia: alternative predecimal designs

Started by Galapagos, November 03, 2009, 07:08:00 PM

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Gambia 1dC.jpg

Gambia 1dA.jpgGambia 1dB.jpg

NOTE: This topic was originally entitled The Final Mystery Design Quiz!

Well, these are the last mystery scans I have to show you!


Quote from: Ice Torch on November 06, 2009, 12:36:05 AM
A more logical choice (Nigeria doesn't like animals on its coins) - .

Yes I know that, but I thought these were rejected designs...

3rd guess - South Africa?


Quote from: ***** on November 06, 2009, 12:50:09 AM
Yes I know that, but I thought these were rejected designs...

3rd guess - South Africa?

Yes, they were rejected, so you were right to keep your guesses as wide open as your

third one. South Africa, not either. SA an intelligent guess, tho, as it'll be a country I haven't put up before.

UK Decimal +

Someone else has to have a try, even if it is too late to win a prize.   I don't know if you've even had this as an answer before, but I'll say Kenya.

Ilford, Essex, near London, England.

People look for problems and complain.   Engineers find solutions but people still complain.


Not Kenya. I do wish Kenya would get itself some decent coin designs, though. I think Kenya and Angola are most in need of them in Africa, closely followed by Mauritius, which at least has two decent designs: a palm tree and a deer.


Gambia 3dB.jpg

Gambia 3dA.jpg

Next, the three pence designs.


Gambia 6dC.jpgGambia 6dB.jpg

Gambia 6dA.jpgGambia 6dE.jpgGambia 6dD.jpg

Now for the six pence designs.


Gambia 1sB.jpg

Gambia 1sA.jpgGambia 1sC.jpg

And the shilling designs.


Gambia 2sE.jpg

Gambia 2sC.jpgGambia 2sB.jpg

Gambia 2sA.jpgGambia 2sD.jpg

The two shillings designs.


Gambia 4sA.jpgGambia 4sB.jpg

The four shilling designs.


Gambia 8sC.jpgGambia 8sA.jpgGambia 8sB.jpg

The eight shilling designs.

The late prolific Michael Rizzello produced all of these designs.

He also produced the circulation pre-decimal and decimal designs of this country.

Ultimately, his 8 shilling designs were not accepted.

So do you know which country it is now?  8)


With the last designs you made it quite easy indeed.




This series of "mystery designs" was pretty tough, I must say. And then, all of a sudden, once you posted the last two denominations, it was like, duh. Thank you very much for posting all these designs, "mystifying" them, revealing them ... was a lot of fun.




Gambia: circulation coins of 1966.

See also: Coinage of the Gambia.

Gambia, 8 shillings, 1970.  This was a collector coin only.
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See: The Royal Mint Museum.