San Marino: Numismatic Program 2019

Started by chrisild, December 15, 2018, 11:33:50 AM

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In 2019 San Marino will issue several 5, 10 and 20 euro collector coins (all surcharged). Here is the current schedule ...

€5 "San Marino 5G" (monometallic, BU)
(San Marino is the first European country to have a 5G mobile network.)

€5 "50th anniversary of the first moon landing" (silver, proof)
€10 "Rembrandt died 350 years ago" (silver, proof)

€5 "International Day of Forests" (silver, BU, part of the annual set)

€5 "Zodiac Signs" - 4 coins: Gemini, Cancer Leo, Virgo (monometallic, BU)

€20 "Council of Europe founded 70 years ago" (gold, proof)

In June the BU sets, with and without the €5 coin, will be issued. And in October the proof set (including the two €2 commems) can be had ...



Here are the two "Austrian" coins. Yes, the €5 Moon Landing and the €10 Rembrandt piece were designed and minted by the Austrian Mint. Usually the coins from San Marino are produced in Italy (IPZS, Rome) but there are exceptions, see this topic. Both were issued on 20 May.

€5 First man on the Moon (50 years ago)
Ag 925, diameter 32 mm, weight 18 g
Price 35 euro (mintage 3500 max)
Reverse (issue specific) design: Herbert Wähner (Austrian Mint)
Obverse design: Antonella Napolione

€10 Rembrandt (died 350 years ago)
Ag 925, diameter 34 mm, weight 22.4 g
Price 38 euro (mintage 3500 max)
Reverse design: Helmut Andexlinger (Austrian Mint)
Obverse design: Antonella Napolione



More information (and better images ;) ) can be found here:
Moon Landing - 50° anniversario dello sbarco del primo uomo sulla
Rembrandt - 350° anniversario della scomparsa di Rembrandt

The "5G" coin (minted in Rome, reverse design: Valerio De Seta) was issued last month. Nordic Gold, mintage 15,000 max, can be had at face (€5): San Marino 5G