Rafi-Ud-Darjat, Silver Rupee, Itawa mint

Started by Saikat, May 12, 2018, 01:35:21 PM

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Attaching a rupee of the short lived Mughal ruler Rafi ud Darjat who  ruled for three months.
Mint : Itawa,
Weight: 11.28 g,
Diameter: 24.89 mm
Date: AH 1131, RY Ahad.
Ref: KM # 405.8
Sikka-e-zad Ba-Hind Ba-Hazaraan Barkat
Shahenshah-e Bahr-o-Bar Rafi-ud-Darjat

Struck in india with a thousand blessings,
King-of-kings on sea and land, Rafi-ud-Darjat

Rev: Date and mint.

I tried to make an overlay for this coin. However with my next to none skill of Farsi, I expect to make mistakes. Please do point those out so that I can correct the illustration.
The overlay was helped much better coin here.



I expect those pretender coins to be really hard to find. Congratulations, Saikat. Are you now able to make a numismatic time line, with at least one coin for each Mughal ruler? Is the Itawa mint more difficult than others?

I am afraid I can't help with your great and highly useful overlay. In view of the lack of comments, I think you may conclude you got it right.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Hi Peter,
I am still missing some of the other pretenders or those who ruled for a short time, whose coin price demands selling of body parts I am rather attached to! Nevertheless I am always in the lookout for a comparatively better deal like this one, which was unsold in auction allowing me to buy at the lowest estimated price.