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Isle of Man: 5 pounds 2018 Year of Our Island

Started by eurocoin, April 05, 2018, 03:11:31 PM

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The Isle of Man will soon issue a 5 pounds coin to commemorate '2018 Year of Our Island'.

The coin will be minted in the alloy alpaca.


It is very strange that this coin was not yet issued (or won't be issued at all). Certainly given the fact that their Treasurer said in May 2018 that the coin was available and could be bought. Given my previous encounters with the local treasury, I have this time asked a Manx MP to look into the matter. On Tuesday she will ask a minister in parliament what happened to the issuance of this coin.


Interesting. I just looked around and came across this set of stamps only. Thanks for your inquiry!



The Minister in charge of the Year of Our Island project replied that they decided not to issue the coin as the costs outweighed the benefits. They only realized that after the design had already been made and after approval of the Palace and Government had already been sought. ::)