Akbar I, Lahore mint, Ilahi 47, month: Aban, half Rupee, KM 66.3. (with overlay)

Started by Arminius, April 01, 2018, 01:36:05 AM

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Today i realized: Most of the very informative overlay pictures of Overlord an others about eastern coins are gone.  :(

Hard times for those not familiar with Arabic or Persian texts.

These are the days i feel lucky to determine over my own web space for images.  But it took a half night to train my overlay skills and compile the information about this issue:

India, Mughal India, 1602 AD., Akbar I, Lahore mint, month: Aban, half Rupee, KM 66.3. explanation with overlay:

Obverse (left depiction):
green: Allahu ("God/Allah is")
blue: Akbar ((the) "greatest")
red: Jalajahu ("his glory is")
brown: Jallah ("eminent")

Reverse (right depiction)
green: Ilahi ("Divine")
Brown: ۴٨ ("47")
red: Zarb ("struck at")
Yellow: Lahore (city, mint location), Urdu: لاہور ("Lāhaur")
Blue: آبان - month "Aban"

(Please tell me if i´m wrong or missed something as there are still some dots and lines i don´t know if they are information or just calligraphic decoration)



You got every word right. The line to the left is a part of "Akbar".


Double congratulations, Arminius, for getting the text right and for doing the overlay. Thank you for posting the results here. They will help many people read and identify their coins. You can improve the results by putting the words in the post in (approximately) the same colour as the corresponding words in the overlay.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Thanks for the confirmation and the useful hint to change the text color accordingly.

In addition here is the original picture and some more about the issue i found during the 3-days-identification-process :

Mughal India, Jalal al-Din Akbar I (AH 963-1014 / 1556-1605 AD.), Ilahi type coinage, Lahore mint (Punjab, today Pakistan), dated Ilahi 47 = 1602-03 AD., month: Aban (October - November),
Half Rupee (ø 15-16 mm / 5,49 g), silver, ca. 5.7 g mint weight, axis irregular alignment ↑→ (ca. 320°),
Obv.: ... , Allahu Akbar Jalajahu Jallah - ("Allah/God is (the) greatest, his glory is eminent") , two test punches at center.
Rev.: آ آبان - لاہور - ۴٨ - ("struck at the Lahore mint, at the Ilahi era (year) 47 and month Aban") , scratch at 5-6 o´clock.
Mitch. 3072 ; KM 66.3 ; zeno 151542 , and - 81235 ( https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=151542 , https://www.zeno.ru/showphoto.php?photo=81235 ) .
for other round Lahore issues with Ilahi year, month and mint added: https://www.zeno.ru/showgallery.php?cat=8059

Akbar established the Ilāhī era, which began on Rabīʿ II 963 (February 13, 1556), the date of his accession; the years were solar.

(sometimes, when i have some time, i like to "dive in a coin" that´s interesting enough to keep me motivated)