Author Topic: Khwarezm shah Ala-ud-din Senior. Tekish 1172-1200AD  (Read 227 times)

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Khwarezm shah Ala-ud-din Senior. Tekish 1172-1200AD
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:49:17 PM »
Ala-ud-din Muhammad (1200-1220AD) is the best known ruler of the short-lived Kwarezmian dynasty. under his name a large number of cointypes were issued. On some of his coins, Ala-ud-din names his father, in the form of "bin Sultan Tekish".
Ala-ud-din Tekish already had been responsible for part of the expansion of the empire outside of Khwarezmia when his son came to power. Tekish did not issue Jital type coinage. Other types are scarce to rare.

When i encountered a worn and corroded medium size copper Fals with "Tekish" visible on one side i expected this to be an issue of Ala-ud-din Muhammad naming his ancestry. However, some cleaning revealed no sign of "bin". In addition the centre text on both sides is just "Tekish".
So this is likely a rare fals of Ala-ud-din Tekish (1172-1200). It has some similarity with Tye's 206e1, but that has a different obverse. There is another half-similar coin on Zeno (wrongly located in his son's category). All of these fall into the Album-1711 category.

Some oil and oblique lighting highlights the legends a bit to facilitate reading.
AE, 23 mm, 1.52 gr.
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Re: Khwarezm shah Ala-ud-din Senior. Tekish 1172-1200AD
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An interesting find, a pity it's corroded but nevertheless still desirable if hard to find