Author Topic: Khwarizm Shahs: Muhammad bin Takash (c. 1200-20), Bi Jital, Deyell 283(?)  (Read 521 times)

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Weight=3.6 g; diameter= 18.5 mm

Obverse: Arabic sultan al-a/zim ala/al duniya wa al din in three lines

Reverse: Horseman facing left; in margin, Arabic ...abu-al-fateh...; below, symbol resembling bird in flight (couldn't see this, even on the specimen illustrated in the book)
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Agree, Dyell 283 = Tye#238, attributed to Qunduz mint.
The "bird"symbol is visible in the Tye catalog, but here looks more like the Chanel brand logo.

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Neat picture too. Methinks that there is detail to be gained by removing some green at two o'clock on the side pictured on the upper picture. Olive oil would do the trick.

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On my example here the 'bird' ? looks more like a fish