Author Topic: China, Qing, emperor Gao Zong, Peking, Board of Revenue Mint, very small Cash.  (Read 659 times)

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Hello, i wonder about the low size and weight of this cash:

(19-19,5 mm / 1,57 g), cast brass, axes medal alignment ↑↑ (0°),

Obv.: 乾 隆 通 寶 , reading from top to bottom and right to left: Quian Long Tong Bao (Ch'ien Lung Tung Pao) , right side of Quian character like a hook, top vertical stroke of Quian character straight(?).

Rev.: ᠪᠣᠣ – ᠴᡳᠣ , Manchu "Boo - Ciowan" , protruding head "Boo", right: "Ciowan" - name for the Board of Revenue Mint, Peking.

For a similar type i suggest Hartill p. 298, no. 22.224(?) (type G1) . He notes "quality often poor".

But this very small size seems unusual for the era (my other cash of Gao Zong are about 22-23 mm, 3-4 g.).

Maybe a contemporary imitation?


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Yes, a forgery made for circulation.    Many if not all of the small poor quality ones Hartill refers to are private recasts using original ones, slightly trimmed, as seed coins.   This one is from an originally cut pattern, multiplied with cast lead mother cash.   The metal looks like it has extra lead added.