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Venad Cheras: Battle Axe type, different denominations

Started by THCoins, December 12, 2015, 09:05:01 PM

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The copper coins of the Venad Chera have been shown here before. These 12th century Southern India coins (some experts date them somewhat later) are reminiscent of the "Octopus king" coins of Raja Raja Chola. However, as a most distinguising feature, the king is flanked by a battle axe. Examples were previously shown here by Ram, and here by Mitresh.
My specimen of the most frequenly seen version of this coin is seen to the right in the photo's below and is of a lesser quality than the ones posted before. The reason i included it in the picture is to illustrate the difference with the one on the left. That is the less common smaller version of the same coin. Whether these two sizes were concurrently issued different denominations, or subsequent versions of the same coin, is something we do not know.
1/2 Kasu: 12 mm, 1.35 gr. Kasu: 16 mm, 3.23 gr.