Unrealised designs for Niue by James Berry

Started by eurocoin, October 25, 2015, 09:34:31 PM

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I recently came across the image above while searching on the forum.

It was used 6 years ago in a different part of the forum.

I thought it was a good idea to re-post the image in the unrealised designs section.

The image was originally posted by <k>.

It comes from the book "The Image Maker: The Art of James Berry".

In 1970 Niue considered issuing its own currency. These are some striking designs  :o


Didn't remember those. I don't care for the Webber design but find the other three so great they would probably not have been able to end up on a coin. They'd scare the excrement out of people, but they are so expressive! If I'd seen these as medals I would probably have fallen for them. TFP.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.