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Ghaznavids: Mawdud (1041-50AD), Yamini Dirham
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Mawdud I was the son of Masud I and became Sultan after the murder of his father. He stabilized the borders of the Ghaznavid empire against the continuous pressure of the Sejuks in the West. He died during an attempted invasion of Khwarezmia.
Under the rule of Mawdud Jitals were issued from Lahore and Silver dirhams primarily from Ghazna.
One of his Dirham types stands out immediately when seen in a group of different Ghaznavid coins. Instead of a pure text border these have a more decorative border with alternating words or flower motifs.

Below one of these Mawdud dirhem. 18 mm 2.9 grams.

On the obverse is the Kalima, with reference to the Abbasid caliph:

La illaha illa                : لا إله إلا
Allah Muhammad        : لله محمد
rasul Allah                  : رسول الله
al-Qa'im bi-Amr Allah  : القيم بأمرالله

The reverse has the name and titles of the Sultan:

Shihab al-Dawla     : شهاب الدولة
Wa qutb-al-Millat    : و قطب لميللامة
Abu al-Fath            : ابوألفتح
Mawdud                 : مودود
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