SYRIA 1 Piastre KM-77 ERROR or FAKE ?

Started by MORGENSTERNN, July 31, 2015, 01:16:30 PM

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I got here a SYRIA 1 Piastre KM-77 with only one side strike (error)
This coin weight less (2.32g) than one other I got (2.57g)
So do you think that someone could remove one side to make a fake error ?
It would be great if other members could weight similar issues in order to know the variations.
Thank you


I would say the most likely event is that someone used a sandpaper machine to flatten this side. This also in view of the weight loss.


My weighs 2.58g. I first had a thought the right, uniface coin is a contemporary fake, since letters are different. My example should be genuine, although it's a suspiciously nice one, having the same die variety as your uniface piece. But when you think of it, probably they had more than a few different dies.