Indore 1/2 Anna

Started by Rangnath, April 11, 2009, 03:57:32 PM

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I'm intrigued by this coin.  I know it comes from Indore and because it weighs 17.1 grams, that it must be a ½ anna. The bull on the reverse and part of the Bilva leaf on the obverse give this away. In addition, there appears to be a piece of the altar just to the left of the bull.  But in the standard catalog, there are a few varieties from which to choose.  Which ½ anna is this?  I suppose that Km 63.1 of Indore comes closest to looking like the coin posted below. 

So where is the intrigue? I find it in the flower on the reverse on the lower right.  How large were the dies that were used to strike these coins? In none of the examples, neither in the catalog nor in coins that I have collected is such a flower exhibited. 


Dear Richie, The left image is depicted up-side-down. The coin is identical to BHS #494 as illustrated in the Catalogue of South Asian Coins and Paper Money. In the 5th edition of the 19th cent. catalogue this illustration is missing. The above coin compares, as type, best with KM#65.


Yikes, I'll reverse it later.
But according to my catalog, KM 65 is a Nazarana 1/2 anna. If this coin were km 65, wouldn't the size be larger? This one is 18 to 20 mm across. 


Just a thought,
but could the Km 65 nazarana die have been used to stamp a more conventiional coin?
I see that the design is the same as in the example of Km 65 in the standard catalog, but the shape is more like other 1/2 annas; km 63.2, 64, and 68. 

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  That is a very nice Indorean coin that you have got there.



Thanks Aidan.  I'm glad you like it.