Author Topic: Imperial China, Southern Song: Kai Xi (1205-1207) FE 2 Cash (Hartill-17.529)  (Read 816 times)

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Imperial China, Southern Song: Kai Xi (1205-1207) FE 2 Cash, Tongan Mint (Hartill-17.529)

Emperor Ning Zong (1195-1224)

Obv: 開(开)禧通宝 Kai Xi tong bao
Rev: 同 Tong above. Tongan mint, Anhui. Numbers for the year of casting below. 三 san (Year 3 - 1203)

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The need to make these coins was a primary driver of paper money being used at that time.    Exchange rates varied within a range, but it would have taken about 2000 of these pieces to buy a tael of silver.   Which is to say, a crown.   The iron value 2 coin should be about 6 grams, so 12 kg, or 26 lbs of cast iron!    If crowns are too heavy to carry around, what say you to that?