Author Topic: Imperial China, Qin Dynasty: Anonymous (300-200 BCE) AE Cash (Hartill-7.6)  (Read 857 times)

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Imperial China, Qin Dynasty: Anonymous (300-200 BCE) AE Cash (Hartill-7.6)

Obv: 半两 Ban Liang
Rev: Plain and flat

A high-resolution image of this coin is available at FORVM Ancient Coins

A gallery of my coins can been seen at FORVM Ancient Coins

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Interesting to be able to see so much detail of the casting, on the reverse.   But I have no idea if that's wood, stone, dry or fired clay, or scraped-smooth sand casting media.

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Nice coin .
I went to FORVM and looked at your hi resolution photos of your coins in beautiful condition.  Very nice! I haven't tri in a while but found cash difficult to photograph well.  You have mastered it.