Author Topic: Umayyad Caliphate: al-Walid bin Ta'id (731-739 AD) ∆ Fals, al-Mawsil (Album-193)  (Read 803 times)

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Umayyad Caliphate: al-Walid bin Ta'id (731-739 AD) ∆ Fals, al-Mawsil Mint (Album-193; Walker-938; NŁtzel 2042-2045; SICA-2, 1273; Rotter-6d)

Obv: Within two intersecting squares forming an octofoil, لا إله إلا الله وحده (There is no God but Allah alone)
Rev: Within square, محمد رسول الله (Muhammad is the apostle of Allah); in margin, بسم الله مما أمر به الأمير الوليد بن تليد بالموصل (In the name of God, which was ordered by the amir al-Walid bin Ta'id of al-Mawsil)

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Yummie coin. It reminded me of the attached modern Moroccan design.

Meanwhile, the mint city, Mosul, has fallen on very bad times.

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